Campaign Components

Over the next three years, the Valuing Affordability Campaign, a broad coalition made up of advocates, community leaders and policy makers will:

Value Affordability through Public Awareness. The campaign will provide accurate images of people who live in affordable housing, promote community acceptance of the need for a wide variety of housing, and educate political leaders and other decision-makers about the benefits of affordable housing in our neighborhoods.

Value Affordability through Preserving Neighborhoods. The campaign will advocate for long-term property tax reforms that prevent displacement of homeowners and renters. In addition to the current progressive tax proposals—Class 3, Class 9 and Circuit Breaker—Valuing Affordability will work towards a property tax exemption for nonprofit owned multi-family rental housing, and property tax abatement for Section 8 properties.

Value Affordability through Housing Set-Asides. The campaign will ensure that affordable housing is not left out of the region’s real estate housing boom by proposing that 25% of all new development is set-aside as affordable.

Value Affordability through Living Rents. The campaign will propose long-term subsidy strategies that enable developers to build housing for those who need it most. Affordable housing linkage fees, preservation incentives, mandatory housing plans, increased state accountability, and increased federal funding, would allow for truly affordable rents.

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