2016 Olympics and chicago neighborhoods

In February, Chicago will submit its "bid book"--the full plan for the 2016 Olympics--to the International Olympic Committee. With the final application due in February and a visit from the IOC scheduled for April 2009, many Chicago residents, business leaders, and advocates are tuning their attention to Chicago's plans and to the results of the bid.

CRN, too, has focused attention on the bid, and presented some of its findings in two factsheets. The first, 2016 Olymipcs and Chicago Neighborhoods, gives a quick overview of the bid, the experiences of other host cities, and offers a series of recommendations for pursuing an Olympics that positively affects Chicago neighborhoods. The second, Negotiating for Neighborhoods, explores in greater detail the efforts of two hosts cities initiatives to mitigate negative impacts from Olympics-related development.

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CRN has also compiled links for you to research the Olympics on your own.

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The Chicago Bid

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Past and Current Olympic Monitoring

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