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CRN membership is open to non profit organizations with a commitment to develop, preserve, manage or promote affordable housing for low and moderate income Chicagoans.

CRN has two classes of membership. Full members have full voting privileges. They are organizations with a mission to develop, preserve or manage affordable housing. They must also be community or constituency based, as demonstrated by the membership on their board and/or their commitment to a constituent-driven development process. Associate members

Associate members are nonprofit organizations which do not qualify for full membership but which share a primary interest in issues related to affordable housing for low and moderate-income persons. Associate members enjoy partial voting privileges.

A full description of membership classes, and the "Member Job Description" can be found with the Membership Application linked to this page.

To apply for membership in the Chicago Rehab Network, please submit the attached membership application together with a $10 processing fee to the Chicago Rehab Network at 53 West Jackson Blvd, Suite 739, Chicago, IL 60604.

Once your completed application package has been reviewed, a site visit will be set up, at which a committee of the board, members and staff will be present in order to learn more about your organization.

The committee will provide a summary of the visit to the CRN board, which recommends organizations to the membership for ratification. Each organization recommended for membership by the board is voted on by the full membership at the next scheduled quarterly Membership Meeting.

To receive a membership application, please call Chicago Rehab Network at (312) 663-3936.

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