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A new project of the Chicago Rehab Network, Talking to Walls is the multimedia arm of CRN publications. In each episode, using various multimedia platforms, we hear from a variety of people whose lives are closely tied to housing issues--ranging from tenants and neighborhood residents to not-for-profit housing experts. Giving voice to unheard individuals, we bring their concerns to the forefront of public consciousness. Talking to Walls takes housing conversation from places like City Council board rooms to neighborhood streets, providing clarity to complicated policy surrounding affordable housing.

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June 18, 2010

 "A New Day: The Future of South Chicago"

"A New Day" is a new Talking to Walls production about the community of South Chicago.  Foreclosures continue to threaten the decades of community development work in the area.  Meanwhile, plans to redevelop the former U.S. Steel site are underway. How will these forces impact the future of South Chicago? 



January 27, 2010

"Another Way: Reimagining Development at Lathrop Homes"

"Another Way" is Talking to Walls newest and most extensive project to date! This short film is about Lathrop Homes, a CHA development in Chicago's Hamlin Park. Including interviews with residents, alumni, and allies, the film talks about the history and current threat to the legacy of this remarkable community.



October 27, 2009

This is their home: Stories from the Hollywood House Preservation

This is the second "Talking To Walls" podcast, which spotlights the Hollywood House redevelopment at 5700 N Sheridan, in Chicago's Edgewater/Uptown neighborhood.  We hear stories from several people who helped the neighborhood preserve 197 units of affordable housing for seniors, including Andy Geer of Heartland Alliance, Gene Horcher of Jane Addams Senior Caucus, Zach Stanley of Madison Construction and other tenants.


october 9, 2009

CDC Census Promotional Video

This "Talking to Walls" production introduces CRN's Chicago Metro CDC Census. With interviews with Guacolda Reyes of the Resurrection Project, Pat Abrams of the Renaissance Collaborative, and Kevin Jackson of the Chicago Rehab Network, this short video highlights the positive efforts of Chicago community development corporation and explains the importance of the Census.

Oct. 20, 2009

"This Is Joliet: Property Video"

"This is Joli(ET)" is a short video segment with photos and video footage that  gives an overview of Evergreen Terrace including the place, the people, and the community. Evergreen Terrace is a subsidized housing property in Joliet, Illinois. Enjoy!

 Aug 27, 2009

"This is Joli(et): Playground Opening and Impact"

"This is Joli(ET): Playground Opening" is a short video segment that depicts the playground opening at Evergreen Terrace, a subsidized housing property in Joliet, Illinois. The video spotlights ET resident Teresa Davis and is filmed on site.

 June 24, 2009

“5000 for 40”: A podcast on Bickerdike’s Section 8 Lottery

 “5000 for 40” covers Bickerdike Redevelopment Corporation’s recent opening of their Section 8 waitlist.  This episode takes you into the heart of the application process where Bickerdike staff and volunteers sort through the responses to the 5000 applications distributed during the application process.  With interviews from Bickerdike staff Carmen Conde and Joy Aruguete, several volunteers, and Rehab Network staff Andy Neilsen, this segment highlights the overwhelming need for more affordable housing in Chicago as well as the tight restrictions in place for CDC's like Bickerdike.

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