Legacy 35

Community defender, legislative advocate, promoter of accountability.” With those opening words, the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation acknowledged The Chicago Rehab Network’s pivotal role in affordable housing and conferred the  Award for Creative and Effective Institutions.  Our work is centered on creating strong neighborhoods through place-based community development.  In honor of 35 years, we are requesting to be included in your giving plans for 2014.  Your giving commitment will enable us to expand our work toward rebuilding Chicago’s local neighborhood markets.



We invite you to learn more of our work.  The foundation of our work has been in our unwavering commitment to affordable neighborhoods.  Housing stability results in decreased mobility for families and children, increased spending power, and opens up paths towards economic success. Our experience in creating new opportunities for affordability include effective policies and reforms, generating new money for development, and building the capacity of community groups. This comprehensive approach cultivates the neighborhood expertise and assets that build the leadership calling for and improving the delivery of housing in Chicago and throughout Illinois.


An investment in CRN is an investment in community development and the capacity of the local partners who get the job done on a daily basis. They are the entrepreneurs in neighborhoods and local commerce—the keepers of the American dream for people of all backgrounds, creeds and income levels.


It is a story over three decades in the making, and now for the next generation, we ask you to join us.  




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The Legacy 35 Campaign will raise $1 million dollars to expand our Community Development Training Institute To build strong neighborhoods, strengthen capacity, and create powerful leaders. 


Consider a tax deductible donation today.