Housing 2016

what can be accomplished in the next 8 years

With many decades of community development success as their guide, particularly in neighborhoods where foreclosure crises are not new, Chicago's leading housing practitioners and policy experts met to discuss solutions for how to right the nation's housing sector -- and the national economy along with it.

Trickle-down market approaches and over-zealous ownership initiatives have destroyed the historical stability and prosperity of middle class home ownership. To restore stability and prosperity many feel that a bottom-up approach that recognizes affordability as the linchpin is required.

Chicago has been particularly hard hit by the housing crisis. More that 1,000 foreclosure filings are recorded each month and the rental housing inventory, a mainstay for Chicago's workforce, has accounted for a third of foreclosed households.

Housing 2016: What Can Be Accomplished in the Next 8 Years drew more than 200 guests to its panel discussion and update from Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky (D-9th) on January 12, 2009. This page will be the clearinghouse for information on that forum, future events, and opportunities for action.


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